Wednesday, July 29, 2009

American Idle

If the present year was between 1978 and 1983 and I were to create music with the intention of depicting my vision of what I believe the future will be like--the future being 2009--my mindbelly would be pregnant with detached, ethereal fetuses generating the most hypnotic tones of aural sex by motorboating their cherubic little fetal lips in the amniotic fluid.

I have reached the conclusion that "sounding like the future if this were the past" is a symphonic quality I hold in high esteem. The preceding statement is fair and honest. Never mind that my vision was/is grossly inaccurate and this music represents a sharp atmospheric contrast to the present reality that is 2009.

2009 was so much cooler 25 years ago.

I possess no unique vision of the future from the past's perspective, however--that future now being the present--which raises the concern that this retrospective foresight has been structured by makeshift memories of quasi-popular films of the era and the soundtracks which accompanied these cinematic ventures.

Does this blemish the artistic integrity of my vision? If so, how much, on a scale of 1 to 10?

Allow me to express this in other terms.

You have been assigned the task of collecting a large bucket of "blue water" from the ocean. But you have seen the water at close range. You know that it is not actually blue although it appears that way from a distance. It is an illusion. As is the self. We all have created malleable memories which comprise our past. Yet memories don't exist anywhere but the self. And once you realize the self does not exist, one has no use for memories and, in turn, the past. Are you following me here? It is a fiction in conceptual thought. It is an internal image which we cannot experience as an actual image. Similarly, the future must be an illusion just like the past in that tomorrow is only a concept and will always be a concept. Tomorrow will constantly be out of reach because time is always Now. Thus, the present is our only reality and, if I would presently like to listen to music that sounds like the future if I were living in the past, what does this mean?

What societal and/or cultural function would this music serve? Would it propagate the illusion or expose the illusion, resulting in some grapefruit spiritual evolution?

Your reports are due Tuesday.


Tracey said...

Were you inspired by the sci-fi movie "2010" where dolphins flippered around in an indoor pool beside the dining room table? I really enjoyed your post. I predict 2099 will be as un-cool as 2009 is, but we'd like to imagine it being like the Jetsons...truth is, the Jetsons weren't all that futuristic or cool. Mr. and Mrs. Jetson dropping their two kids (1 boy/1 perfect) off at school-Mrs. Jetson grabs Mr. Jetson's money out of his pocket, so that she can go shopping for more purple dresses and then Mr. Jetson goes to work. oh, and they have a dog. the only thing cool is that everything is in the air, but perhaps that is b/c the carbon produced from 2009 has made the ground soil too warm for people to walk on. Maybe the air up there is windier and cooler. Anyway, so people in 2099 will continue to do what they do today, which is ignore the environmental damage that has occurred and go shopping instead, driving around the sky in their flying Mercedes. 2099 will totally not be cool, man. and the 2150's? forget it! you see how serious star trek is?!? All uniforms and proper language and shit! Ugh. Enjoy 2009.

Alison said...

uh, hello!? UPDATE!!!! Your readers are hungry!!