Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free Verse About Soviet Fighter Jets, Antimatter, and a Young Woman Named Ginger Whose Neighbors Believe She Has Sex with Strangers for Money

I’ve seen heaven in a downed power line
Close to the earth and tangled in the trees
Undulating in the wind like black Chrysopelea
The last fiery remnants of a rogue kite that refuses to leave quietly

Watching butterflies flitter about her live wire hair
Like ghost children poking each other in the sins
Saturating dish towels with the energy raining from her fingertips
Huffing her aura and getting high

She tastes like jazz

She smells like a blind man’s description of his soulmate’s perfume on the day they first met

Her skin feels like self-esteem wrapped in velvet
Soft to the touch

I have bridged the current

Once you’ve been electrocuted, every other human experience is prosaic

Your syrupy fingerprints adhered to my ghost
Ten fiery kites tangled in tree limbs
Smudged across a glass house
Stretching their colors to beyond

I pray for lightning

The perfect storm


DJ Tanner said...

"I've seen heaven in a downed power line"

Greatest line ever.

Tracey said...

when's your next post coming.