Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Living End (cont'd)

It is now time for a psychological analysis of the situational, environmental, social, and cognitive variables associated with spectator violence. I delved into this topic in my longitudinal study of why winning triggers fan aggression. First, we must consider the role of communication in establishing social norms within the crowd. Joking. This is neither the time nor the place for such tomfoolery. Keep your eye on the gentleman in the following video perched atop the traffic light. The next time I saw him, he was clutching his twisted arm and I swear I saw a tibia protruding from his leg. I apologize for the Cloverfield-esque footage.

Spoiler alert: After a group of amateurs' piss-poor attempt to tip over a Grand Am goes awry, one gentleman attempts to smash the back window with a few bionic elbows until the vehicle's large, angry owner interrupts. And it is quite possible that he earns his keep as a custodian. So watch out.

I hope you enjoyed my foray into investigative journalism. Clouds of smoke are still covering City Hall; however, the black cloud which loomed over the city for a quarter-century officially lifted on Wednesday, both literally and figuratively, when the Phillies resumed the rain-suspended Game 5 en route to the ultimate victory. I might return on Saturday with footage from the championship parade, which will undoubtedly make the recent Dracula parade look like a bunch of softheads with papier-mache bat wings strapped to their back, marching around Rittenhouse Square with yellow flags. Excuse me; I'm going to hug a few more strangers and tell them I love them.


Danny Heisman said...

Armegedon. I just wish this was about 5 years ago when we would have still had the balls to stay in the belly of the beast for longer than 10 minutes. Instead we ran like little ninnies the second soomeone threw a glass bottle

FBones said...

You've been quite lately, WTF???